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About the Church in the City

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Church in the City

Born some 11 years ago, the Church in the City (CiC) originated out of the first Apostolic Summit and subsequent Apostolic Transition Forums hosted towards the end of 2005.

The foundational principles governing the administration and operability of the Church in the City (CiC), can be found through various scripture references in the book of Acts, considered to be the seedbed and blueprint for the Church. In Acts 2:46 we see that the believers broke bread in their homes and gathered together at the Corporate Temple to celebrate their unity of faith in Christ.

This vibrant gathering of pioneering believers carry within them the distinct sound of a called out company; a company which strives to be effective in establishing God’s Kingdom and building His temple.

The CiC plays an influential role in the lives of hundreds of pastors, leaders and members across South Africa and is also known for its strong emphasis on the Youth and its development; hence the birth of the 42nd Generation Youth Ministry a few years ago.

The core business of the CiC is:

1. The establishing of God’s Kingdom
2. The building of His temple
3. The restoration of the Image of the Son

It is truly amazing to see how pastors and leaders lay down their lives and own ministries to build the Kingdom of the Father, together.

To find out more about the members of the CiC, visit their website.

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