7 August 2018, TTN News

God is not threatened by our condition!

 He has faith in Himself!

 Be an Overcomer!

 To him who overcomes, He will grant to sit with Him on His throne!


“True worship is finding our authentic identity. Because we died and were resurrected with Him, our true nature, and identity, is son of God. Nothing can rob us of our identity. Broken and poor is over. Not living according to our true DNA is over. We must start to believe what God said about us. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. He did not send a robber to the cross. He sent a King. God cannot produce anything less than who He is. We cannot live a quality life, because we learnt to believe a lie. We must have Spirit tenacity. We must be determined to be finished with our old life, and say I am done. We must refuse for any condition to present itself which is not in line with the Word of God. His Word is reforming us. We must stand up, and we must change our life and circumstances. We must choose our destiny, choose purpose, choose life. Today, we must make a choice to respond to the Christ on the inside of us and our lives will align. God is not threatened by our condition. He has faith in Himself. Paul said, I live by the faith of the Son of God. Be an overcomer. To him who overcomes, He will grant to sit with Him on His throne”.


Ephesians 2:14-22 (TPT)

14 Our reconciling “Peace” is Jesus! He has made Jew and non-Jew one in ChristBy dying as our sacrifice, he has broken down every wall of prejudice that separated us and has now made us equal through our union with Christ15 Ethnic hatred has been dissolved by the crucifixion of his precious body on the cross. The legal code that stood condemning every one of us has now been repealed by his command. His triune essence has made peace between us by starting over—formingone new race of humanity,Jews and non-Jews fused together!

16 Two have now become one, and we live restored to God and reconciled in the body of Christ. Through his crucifixion, hatred died. 17 For the Messiah has come to preach this sweet message of peace to you,the ones who were distant, and to those who are near. 18 And now, because we are united to Christ, we both have equal and direct access in the realm of the Holy Spirit to come before the Father!

19 So, you are not foreigners or guests, but rather you are the children of the city of the holy ones,with all the rights as family members of the household of God. 20 You are rising like the perfectly fitted stones of the temple;and your lives are being built up together upon the ideal foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, and best of all, you are connected to the Head Cornerstone of the building, the Anointed One, Jesus Christ himself!

21 This entire building is under construction and is continually growing under his supervision until it rises up completed as the holy temple of the Lord himself. 22 This means that God is transforming each one of you into the Holy of Holies, his dwelling place, through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you!


1 July: What is Man, part 4, by Dr. Ben Kleynhans: “Heaven is where God is, and God is in you.”

Deut 11:21 (AMP): so that your days and the days of your children may be multiplied in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers to give them, as long as the heavens are above the earth.


8 July: Kingdom Dominion, part 4.2 in the series What is Man, by Dr. Ben Kleynhans: “Choose to live in the domain of God is present.”

Mark 4:11 (AMP): He said to them, “The mystery of the kingdom of God has been given to you [who have teachable hearts], but those who are outside [the unbelievers, the spiritually blind] get everything in parables,


15 July: Finishing Well, by Dr. Karel Sanders: “The past is forever in the past. The battle is always for the future. Rise up and fight!”

Jer 29:11 (AMP): For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.


22 July: The Spirit in Man, by Dr. Ben Kleynhans:“Joined in his spirit to God’s Spirit, man is no longer bound to the limitations of human ability and judgment.”

1 Cor 2:11 (AMP): For what person knows the thoughts and motives of a man except the man’s spirit within him? So also no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.


29 July: The Father’s Resemblance, Part 1, by Dr. Ben Kleynhans: “Eternity is a life in God that we can experience right here, right now.”

John 17:3 (AMP): Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true [supreme and sovereign] God, and [in the same manner know] Jesus [as the] Christ whom You have sent.



Saturday 18 August 2018:

Annual Apostolic Women’s Conference, starting 08h30 at Shiloh. Cost is R100 per person.

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Friday 7 September 2018:

42ndGeneration Celebration, starting 19h00 at Shiloh. Register at www.42ndgeneration.co.za


Saturday 8 September 2018:

Apostolic Forum (AF), starting 09h00 at Shiloh.  Register at www.cicity.co.za for catering purposes.


Monday 1 October – Thursday 4 October 2018:

           The pinnacle event of the year, the 12thannual Apostolic Summit, from Monday 1 October until Thursday 4 October 2018, with guest speaker Apostle John Alley from Australia.

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