We’ve been busy!

TTN Ministries is currently sprinting through our 11th year and we are making sure it’s a journey to remember! There have been too many highlights to recall all of them here – but feel free to visit our Facebook page for that. We will, however, take this opportunity to tell you about our incredible Household Camp, which we held on the 28th to the 30th of August at the Buffelspoort ATKV Oord.

Friday was a great warmup for the household as everybody poured into the resort from all over Gauteng. Suffice it to say there was ample fellowship to go around.

Saturday started with two fantastic sessions by Dr Ben Kleynhans – adding on to his Position and Posture series with Pt19. After chewing over the word, and some sandwiches, during lunch the household charged the fields for some good old-fashioned “Boeresport” with TTN Kids. And last, but far from least, everybody enjoyed a good-old braai and an incredible showcase of some of our most talented members! Poetry,  dance, music and drama –  we had it all!

Sunday saw the conclusion of the Position and Posture series which was started at this very camp the previous year. Afterwards we celebrated Mrs Sonja Kleynhans’ birthday and, after enjoying one more meal together, everybody embarked on their respective journeys home. I don’t doubt that every one of the Sons is looking forward to next year’s camp.